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Who We Are

The Creative Cachet provides an array of creative services to small and mid-sized businesses throughout Bucks, Montgomery, & Philadelphia counties.

Just came up with a brilliant idea for a new business venture? You’ll need a logo, tagline, & website. We’ve got you covered.

Have an old website and looking for an updated, user-friendly, modern WordPress site? You’ve come to the right place.

Looking to increase your online presence through localized search engine optimization? We do that too – and we do it well.

So, who is the “we”?  Rachel, who handles all the design elements, & Lauren, who handles the writing & SEO, founded the Creative Cachet with the intent to provide innovative and affordable solutions to local small/medium businesses.

We are proud to be a women-owned business.


Cachet (ka-sha)

1) a mark or quality, as of distinction, individuality, or authenticity.
2) an official seal.
3) a distinguishing mark; stamp.

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